And now I am become death

Greetings and welcome to Mundspilli, a monstrous sub-collective of, run by Destinie and hosted by Todd. This is a small website that is a hub for other websites that feature characters that are: mythological beasts, creature of folklore and legends, kaiju, youkai, and mythical beasts from fictional realms in video games, anime, books, or comics. My Pokemon sites, however, are listed on their own domain at For those curious about the name, Mundspilli is Norse for "World-Destroyers". (source)

I have always been a fan of mythology and creatures, regardless their size or if they are cute or cool. When I was young, I really wanted to be a Paleontologist and I loved dinosaurs, so I grew up loving old Godzilla movies and other dinosaur-like things. I also loved marine life and other animals, which I still do, and I find that a lot of characters I gravitate to are not human. And now, as I get older, I am able to identify the origin of my interests and also rekindle them. Even if you're not a fan of creatures as I am, I do hope that you would give these sites a look and maybe you will find something new and interesting. I would love it if you told me that you did!



Sites in Mundspilli are created and posted and are enjoyed in their entirety, meaning, do not expect frequent updates. All sites within the network also share a "Mundspilli" banner on them to indicate their status.

Country Bumpkins

Komasan and Komajiro

Yo-kai Watch



Tales of Symphonia 2



Mesopotamian Myth


Atomic Heart



Top Dog

King Shisa


Mother of Destruction


Pacfic Rim


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